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Marcus Edensky, Alicia Ika and Nils in front of Ahu Tongariki

We are a family-based company that let our passengers not only learn facts but also feel and experience the spirit of the ancient Rapa Nui civilization.

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Rapa Nui National Park

CONAF logo, Chile national park Logo of CONAF, maintaining Chile's national parks.

Many visitors to Easter Island hear about a Rapa Nui national park and expect to see something similar to other reserves they have seen, only this one has moais. Truth is, borders to this national park are often not visible, and even the locals don't know where the national park areas begin or end. The national park is simply the areas that don't have an owner. These areas make out around 43% of Easter Island. Just as the rest of all Chilean national parks, this one is run by the national organization CONAF. They are in charge of park rangers, signs, rules, maintenance etc.

National park ticket

For entering two of the main attractions of Rapa Nui (Rano Raraku and Orongo), visitors are required to show a park ticket. These are bought at the airport or at the CONAF office. The ticket costs 60 USD per person, except for Chilean citizens, for whom the cost is only 20 USD. Once bought, the ticket is valid for five days. For visiting Rano Raraku and Orongo after that, you would have to buy a new ticket. Only 1 visit to each of the sites is permitted per ticket.

Filming movies, documentaries or shows at Easter Island in the Rapa Nui National Park

Many documentaries and show episodes have been filmed at Easter Island. For filming within the national park (basically anywhere where there are moai statues) you need a permission from CONAF. The cost of this permission depends on how many days you will be filming and how many sites will be covered. When filming in the national park, a CONAF park ranger will have to accompany you at all times.

No permission is needed for filming in private properties, in town and anywhere that's not national park.

To request a filming permission from CONAF, they will need a detailed schedule of which sites you'll be filming, the exact date and time you'll go to the locations and what scenes will be shot there.